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  Last Update Aug. 31th 2017


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How we turned the EME world on its head
The MX0CNS Story

A basket full of authentic real life shots, mails and comments
around the fascinating QRPP 70 cm EME tests and records that
lead to a QSO with just 260 W of EIRP finally.

Written by DG7YBN with M0ABA

Read how MX0CNS first made an M6 license holder have an EME QSO with just 10 W out
and then looking for the real bottom line established 70 cm Earth-Moon-Earth contacts with
tiny single Yagis and 60 W at the feed only. Using ever smaller Yagis form 7 to 4 to 3 to the
awesome 2 element Yagi QSO with 260 W of EIRP only.

Extract / Leseprobe:

pg. 11: first single small Yagi QRPP QSO

pg. 42: Record QSO with 260 W EIRP with DL7APV, live screenshots of both sides WSJT

pg. 47: M0ABA holding the record breaking 2 element resuming