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  Last Update Mar. 30th 2019




What is happening at 7arrays?

After going public with publications on RF technology from 2009 and own antenna designs in 2013 and also gaining lots of experinece working with commericals like WiMo and TGN Technology I decided to offer antenna parts in early 2017

30. March 2019:

• Massive stock up of standard insulators and reinforcing plates
• If things go as planned 7arrays will be present on the HAM RADIO, Juni 21.-23.

07. August 2018:

• TGN True Low Noise LNA series 2 m ... 13 cm
After a development phase of roughly 2 years I present a Low Noise Preamplifier which is very capable of EME and Weak Signal reception

24. February 2018:

• Insulators 6x4 mm back in stock, 6000 pcs now
• Surplus extended: Large cooling bars and fans and mor.
• On Boom Insulators standard type for 25 x 25 mm boom will soon arrive ...

20. Januar 2018:

• added: Surplus Ferrite Cores, CF Cards

16. December 2017:

• PLAST 2000® arrived in large quantity. I could drop the sales price thanks to direct order • added plastic end caps for booms 15 to 25 mm and 1 x 1 inch • added fitting screws for on boom insulators 20 x 20 mm and complete sets for sale

03. December 2017:

• 4 x 6 mm Insulators - Sold Out, PLAST 2000® - Sold Out

Thanks to all your enquiries the batch of 2400 small insulators went quickly. However a larger number is under way from my own injection mould. And PLAST 2000® is ordered in a respectable quantity now. Both should be available from week 51 or 52 on

31. August 2017:

• Added Booklet 'How we turned the EME world on its head - The MX0CNS story'

these articles are what you find here for the moment. I will see how that goes and sneek into a broader portfolio of articles as time permits

02. June 2017:

• added 20 x 20 mm on boom element insulators
• added Spinner PLAST 2000® professional sealant for RF parts
• added element reinforcing plates

Mai - June 2017:

• 2 types of element insulators
• mast clamps for 20 x 20 mm boom
• some stainless steel screws
• and polo shirts with the 7arrays logo